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Cameroon academic takes opposition to task for not uniting

Paul Biya, Cameroon President campaigningPaul Biya, Cameroon President campaigning (Photo: Sopecam)
October 20, 2011

As Cameroonians await the results of the October 9 presidential election, opposition parties are not happy with the way the polls were conducted and they are calling for its annulment.

Some of the 22 presidential candidates in the opposition including long time opposition leader, John Fru Ndi say the electoral environment is prune to rigging by the 29-year-old regime of incumbent President Biya.

They are also threatening to stage street protests, if the polls are not scrapped.

But a Political Scientist at the University of Yaounde, Mathias Vincent Owona Nguini has said the opposition politicians have themselves to blame for President Biya’s political dominance in elections, because they have repeatedly failed to put up a united front.

“What is clear is that we won’t have any change in power if opposition leaders cannot share coalitions, which can compete with the incumbent President because he is strongly entrenched in power,” Nuini told WADR.

Biya’s rivals said last week’s election was flawed and they have issued what they called, a road map to the press, citing several gross irregularities, including poor organization by the electoral body, Elecam and multiple voting.

They told Cameroon’s Supreme Court that the 78-year-old President Biya has locked the electoral system in his favor.

Official results are due to be released on October 24.

WADR’s Elisabeth Laure Njipwo speaks with the Cameroonian academic Vincent Owona Nguini about the ongoing political situation in that oil rich Central African state.

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