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Gay rights activists assaulted in Liberia for campaign

Archie Ponpon, Liberian Gay rights activistArchie Ponpon, Liberian Gay rights activist
January 13, 2012

Reports from Liberia say gay rights activists have begun facing threats from an angry public over their efforts to promote the passing of a bill legalizing homosexuality.

A Liberian gay rights activist on Friday narrowly escaped death at the hands of an angry mob at the state owned University of Liberia.

WADR’s Reporter in Monrovia says the students stoned, assaulted and booed Mr. Abraham Kamara, who was later rescued by Liberian Police.

Earlier on Wednesday, the head of the newly established Gays and  Lesbians Rights Movement, Archie Ponpon—a student reading Sociology---was attacked also on the campus of the University of Liberia outside Monrovia by angry students.

Ponpon and Kamara as well as other members of their pro Gay rights movement have vowed to seek the required number of signatures to petition the Liberian Legislature to pass a Gay rights bill.

It’s reported in the local media that US$4m has been put up from unnamed sources to sponsor the pro-Gay rights bill, which has drawn widespread condemnation from the Liberian public, including some incoming members of parliament.

The United States and Britain recently said they were using aid and diplomacy to ensure that they push respect for homosexuals’ rights in African and other countries.

Countries failing to comply would risk forfeiting American and British aid, something Ghanaian President John Atta Mills and others have strongly rejected.

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