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Benin citizens confused over floods spell

FLASHBACK: previous Benin floodsFLASHBACK: previous Benin floods
June 7, 2012

After the first rains this year, Benin has again been hit by flood, bringing back fresh memories of the deadly flooding during the previous rainy season.

Back in 2010, dozens of people lost their lives when heavy rains flooded Cotonou and other parts of this West African countries, as relief agencies at the time said some 680,000 people were affected with thousands of homes either damaged or destroyed.

This year's first rains few days ago have left areas in Cotonou flooded, with many residents wondering how they will handle the flooding this rainy season.

Several roads were made impassable, as some vehicles were stuck in the mess.

From Cotonou, here is a report filed by WADR’s Correspondent Euloge Aidasso.

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