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Togo: Prosecution rejects appeal for President’s brother release

Kpatcha Gnassingbe, jailed brother of Togo PresidentKpatcha Gnassingbe, jailed brother of Togo President (Photo: aymard.wordpress.com)
June 22, 2012

Lawyers defending Togo’s former defense Minister Kpatcha Gnassingbe, who is brother of President Faure Gnassingbe, are requesting his release along with others held in connection with plotting against the state.

But Togo’s general prosecutor of the Supreme Court has opposed the request for their release, describing it as “unacceptable”.

Kpatcha and others have been in detention since 2009 on charges of plotting to overthrow his brother’s government.

Togo’s National Human Rights Commission last March said in a report that it could confirm that Kpatcha and others were subjected to torture and other inhuman degrading treatments.

The court is expected to deliberate on the defense request on July 19.

Kpatcha Gnassingbé was found guilty of masterminding a coup against his President Faure Gnassingbe in 2011.


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