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ECOWAS urges int’l recognition of Guinea Bissau interim govt

Serifo Nhamadjo. Guinea Bissau interim PresidentSerifo Nhamadjo. Guinea Bissau interim President
July 2, 2012

The sub-regional bloc, Economic Community of West African States has called on the international community to “recognize and support” the transitional government in Guinea Bissau, where an ECOWAS Standby Force has since been deployed.

ECOWAS has also appealed for international financial support to the transitional government “to help it meets its obligations.”

At the same time, the sub-regional body has also suspended general sanctions imposed on Guinea Bissau, while it closely watches the country “in order to ensure the definitive return to constitutional rule.”

The sub-regional body also called for a “conducive environment” to be created in the West African nation “for the rapid implementation of urgent reforms of the constitution the electoral code, the economy and the defense and security sector.”

ECOWAS’ call is contained in a final communiqué issued at the end of the 41st heads of state and government summit held at the weekend in Ivory Coast political capital Yamoussoukro.

President Manuel Serifo Nhamadjo's current transitional government, which has a one-year life span, was chosen by the junta and Colonel Celestino Carvalho was one of the coup makers. The former ruling party, PAIGC had opposed the formation of the transitional government.

Last May, Guinea Bissau’s military junta overthrew the constitutional civilian government, after mounting international pressure couple with dialogue in the wake the April 12, 2012 coup. A peace deal between ECOWAS and the junta saw Rui Duarte Barros, a former economist becoming the new Prime Minister on May17.

“Authority urges all the political actors and civil society to work together to achieve a truly inclusive government in order to ensure a consensual transition. To this end, the Authority encourages the Interim President and Prime Minister to intensity their efforts aimed at securing the full participation of all the internal stakeholders in the tasks of carrying out urgent reforms and conducting a presidential election in the course of the transitional,” the ECOWAS communiqué said.


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