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Nigeria state security agent testifies in a Boko Haram case

Une attaque  de Boko HaramUne attaque de Boko Haram (Photo: hrw.org)
July 4, 2012

A Nigerian State Security Service (SSS) agent has told a Federal High Court in Abuja, that the former spokesman of Boko Haram, Kudunga Abdul, allegedly named Senator Ali Ndume as a financier of the group.

The Boko Haram former spokesman, Abdul had already been sentenced to three years in prison, after confessing to being the spokesman of the Islamic sect, that has been staging a spate bomb and gun attacks in Nigeria.

The SSS agent, Dauda was on Tuesday cross-examined by lawyer of accused Senator.

The security agent said Senator Ndume was interrogated by four sub-committees and a panel in order to test the veracity of the allegation.

The witness said that a total of four statements obtained from the accused were filed as exhibits, as WADR’s Abuja Correspondent Martins Martins reports.

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