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Nigeria: Can an amnesty work with Boko Haram?

Boko HaramBoko Haram (Photo: tempsreel.nouvelobs.com)
April 9, 2013

 Last week, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan appeared ready to look at amnesty for members of Boko Haram. The radical Islamist movement sent contradictory signals back.

This represented a change of approach for the head of state, who has previously said there is no organised Boko Haram to deal with.  Boko Haram has sent contradictory signals back, with one spokesman suggesting democracy is counter to the principles of Islam, while more moderate voices talked of the possibility of laying down weapons. With more reports of violence coming in every week, what should do Nigeria be doing? Our correspondent Martin Martins went looking for answers in Abuja in the following report.

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