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Why did George Weah's party fail to vote him flag bearer?

George WeahGeorge Weah
May 2, 2011

On several occasions, Liberia’s soccer legend turned politician Georg Weah had strongly refused to be vice presidential running mate to several top politicians.

Weah was his party's presidential candidate in the 2005 election, but he lost in the second round to incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Deals with two of Liberia’s top opposition figures, including lawyer Winston Tubman, were later broken, as Weah had refused to become second fiddle. Many of his supporters had insisted he had more popular support than the others. Tubman used to be Liberia’s Justice Minister and the UN former Special Representative to Somalia.

But now, at a convention of his main opposition Congress for Democratic Change over the weekend, George Weah’s party delegates fail to choose him as CDC’s flag bearer.

Instead, the man he had refused to go as running mate under, lawyer Tubman was chosen as CDC’s presidential candidate in the October election to face incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

However given reports that had been in the local media before the convention about some cash and other deals being struck, what happened behind the scene?

This is the question WADR's Frank Sainworla put to the main opposition CDC Chairman, Liberian Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif on the phone line to Monrovia.

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