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Mauritanian group urges real action against slavery

Pres Abdel Aziz, MauritaniaPres Abdel Aziz, Mauritania (Photo: Skyrock)
May 9, 2011

In Mauritania, the government of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz recently announced new measures to regulate the working conditions of domestic servants/workers, who are predominantly black Mauritanians, but an anti slavery group says this is not enough.

Domestic servants in this northwest African country have reportedly been subjected to the worst forms of abuse and treated in slave-like conditions.

Antislavery groups say modern day slavery exists in this country.

So what does the abolitionist Movement, the Initiative against the Resurgence of slavery, IRA make of the new measures by President Abdel  Aziz?

This is the question WADR's Frank Sainworla put to the Councelor to the President of the group, Mr. Ibrahim Abeid on the phone line to the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott.

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